Fees are currently set at €190 full-time and €100 part-time per week. 

Parents may qualify for state contributions through the schemes listed below:  

Child Care Subvention (CCS/CCSP) scheme 

Under this scheme the cost of a childcare place is subvented by the state. The scheme is based on different rates and bands and depends on parental circumstamces eg. Medical card & social welfare payment receives the highest subvention- Band A.

Universal Subsidy (CCSU) scheme

Under this scheme all children from 0-3 years are entitled to a €10 subsidy for part time and €20 for full time.

Free Preschool Year (ECCE) scheme

This scheme is aimed to provide a free pre-school place for two years prior to starting school. Children are entitled to ECCE from the September of the year they turn 3. This is a 38 week service of 3 hours per day, and coincides with the school year. 

The state pays €64.50 per child per week. 


Optional Hours: Parents may opt to pay for an extra hour per day at a cost of €35.50 per week to avail of the full 4 hour session.


Childcare Education and Training Support (CETS) scheme

The CETS scheme was introduced to provide childcare places for those parents who qualify and are returning to education or training. The training or education course must be FAS or VEC accredited. To qualify parents must be on the Back to Education Allowance or similar payment. The contribution for a full-time place is €145 per week and €80 for part-time. State payments are made for the duration of the course.  


National Childcare scheme

 The National Childcare Scheme will come into effect from October 2019. It will provide two types of subsidies a universal subsidy and an income assessed subsidy. For more information: https://ncs.gov.ie/parent

Fees and state subvention schemes are subject to change.